With the expansion of BRICS, balance will be maintained in the world.


The achievement of the progress that BRICS has made since its formation till now has been the mutual understanding of its regions, under which they have tried to give a new cycle of balance of power to the world while protecting mutual interests.

The BRICS Summit has been very successful and decisive in Johannesburg, South Africa. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared in an important posture in this summit. He once again talked about its expansion and also strongly pressed the member countries that BRICS should be expanded. BRICS i.e. B to Brazil, R to Russia, I to India (Bharat), C to China and S to South Africa – it is a group of five fastest growing economies of the world in which now six countries have agreed to membership Which includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina and Iran. These five powerful countries have a significant influence on global affairs and represent about 40 percent of the world’s population. China wants to use it for its own benefit, while India wants to make it a truly democratic organization. India wants the BRICS group together to make the world war, terror and violence free by emphasizing on peace, co-existence, non-violence, democratic values, equality and co-existence in the world.

At present, 40 percent of the world’s population lives in BRICS countries. One quarter of the world’s GDP is in BRICS. For all these reasons, it attracts the countries of the world and at present 22 countries have applied to become its members. India believed that like-minded countries can be taken along. In the coming time, BRICS will represent half of the world’s population. The intention of Russia and China was being said that this message could be given to America or the West that BRICS would challenge the Western world. Definitely a balance is being established with the power of BRICS and the arrogance of western countries and the intention to rule the world has turned water. Our future does not depend on the stars, it depends on the ground, it is hidden in our hearts, in other words, our welfare is not in space flights, war, terror and weapons, mutual cooperation, peace, co-existence and harmony on earth. is contained in That’s why the mantra of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is being liked by the whole world. That’s why in the changing world, in the changing political situation, all the countries want to join together.

Now with the joining of six new countries in the BRICS countries, the share of BRICS countries in the global GDP will be 26 percent. The expansion of BRICS aims to emerge as a counterweight to the Western dominated global order. Call it the intricacies of international diplomacy or its beauty, irony and contradictions are seen at every step. Imagine, on the one hand India and America have come together to counter China, on the other hand China and India in BRICS are united against the hegemony of the western countries represented by America.

The organization of BRICS (Brazil, India, China, Russia and South Africa) is such a dream that Bharat Ratna Late. Pranab Mukherjee as the External Affairs Minister of India in 2006. In September 2006, Pranav da, who had gone to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations Federation, had prepared a grand alliance of India, Russia, China and Brazil by meeting parallel to this conference, which was initially called ‘BRIC’. Pranav da was a strong supporter of proper and legitimate participation of emerging economic powers in the changing world power order and also wanted constructive changes in the basic structure of the old League of Nations. Along with this, he was also in favor of a multi-polar world, so that the overall development of the world could be done in an equitable and democratic manner. Now six new countries of these continents have been included in it. Now Narendra Modi has played a commendable role in this. The BRICS countries have accepted his far-reaching and sensible suggestions.

The achievement of the progress that BRICS has made since its formation till now has been the mutual understanding of its regions, under which they have tried to give a new cycle of balance of power to the world while protecting mutual interests. While the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on for the last one and a half years, has unnecessarily been made a threat to the entire world economy by the strategic organization of the western countries, NATO. Due to this war, the way Western European countries and America have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, a new problem of mutual business payments has arisen in the countries of the world, due to which these countries make arrangements for payment in their respective currencies instead of dollars. Searching for the significance of For this reason, at the conclusion of the BRICS Summit, the host President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that it has been agreed in the summit that a meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries of the organization and the governors of their central banks should be considered. Can countries use their own currency for business payments? Due to the development of such a financial system, the new financial structure that will be created in the world, the economies of these countries will not be able to live without being directly affected, due to which the strength of the ‘dollar’ will also suffer. After the expansion of BRICS, the people of other countries of the world will also have more faith in their participation in world development and will be sure that the world will not only run on the principles told by Western Europe and America, but also their role in its operation. It will be notable because they also have rights on various income and human sources.

India had already made it clear that it was not against the expansion of BRICS. As in other issues, its stand in this matter too was guided by its national interests and not by the urge or apprehension of any particular country or lobby. Keep in mind, India has been advocating for the expansion and timely improvement of all global organizations and forums including the United Nations Security Council. The latest decision to expand BRICS will facilitate the furtherance of that agenda. The announcement of the expansion of BRICS comes at a time when the talks for a change in the UN Security Council have been stuck for a long time. BRICS member countries want more seats for permanent membership in UNSC, so that the dominance of western countries can be reduced. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has welcomed the expansion of BRICS and said that it will also send a message that all international institutions should adapt to changing times and circumstances. He said that we believe that the joining of new members will strengthen BRICS and also boost our common efforts.

India’s supremacy in the BRICS organization has increased due to the foresight and diplomacy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India wants that India’s strategic partners also get a place in the expansion of BRICS. So, in the coming time, India may recommend and bring in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh for membership. Therefore, if China is thinking that it will be able to use the BRICS platform as it pleases, it is probably mistaken. India is aware of the strategic maneuvers in the world and has also come to decorate its cards and keep them in view of the delicacy of the times. The trust of the Global South has decreased on China and increased on India, so it is no wonder if India also takes the lead in the coming times.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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