World Chocolate Day 2023: World Chocolate Day will be celebrated tomorrow, know what are the benefits of eating it


World Chocolate Day 2023, benefits of eating chocolates: World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7th July. On World Chocolate Day, from meringue pie (a special type of dessert), milk chocolate pudding to different types of chocolate cake will be seen at bakeries, coffee shops and many shops. To celebrate this day, people give chocolates to their friends, relatives and partners.

History of World Chocolate Day

The history of chocolate is said to be about 2,500 years old. The Aztecs (The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture that flourished in central Mexico during the Postclassic period from 1300 to 1521.) were the first to discover chocolate. They believed that Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, gave it to them. They used cocoa to trade for other things or say cocoa seeds as currency. But until the 16th century, chocolate was bitter.

It is said that in the year 1519, the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés was given chocolate to drink, which he took with him to Spain and added vanilla, sugar and cinnamon to it for better taste. After this, in 1550, for the first time in Europe, Chocolate Day was celebrated on July 7 itself. After this, it started being celebrated in many countries around the world. After changing the taste, chocolate started being liked all over the world.

Chocolate Day is celebrated twice a year

World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7th July. In this way, Chocolate Day is celebrated twice, the first on the third day of Valentine’s week in February and the second on July 7. However, there is also a country where Chocolate Day is celebrated not once or twice but 10 times.

benefits of eating chocolate

stress or depression Yes, if you are under any kind of stress, then chocolate is your companion, who can reduce your stress without saying or listening. Whenever you are under stress or depression, do not forget to eat chocolate. This will make you feel relaxed.

good for heart

High blood pressure, platelet formation, oxidative stress and inflammation are considered cardio-metabolic risk factors. At the same time, consuming dark chocolate in a balanced amount can be beneficial for the heart.

relief from depression

Most of the people are facing some or the other stress at this time. Persistent stress can also lead to depression. In this problem, symptoms like mood swings, depression, anger and irritability are seen. In such a situation, dark chocolate can be beneficial to avoid this problem or to fix the mood.

Excellent source of antioxidants

It contains powerful antioxidants like aspoliphenols, flavanols and catechins. According to experts, dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than blueberries or other types of berries. You can always remain active by eating dark chocolate.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Consuming dark chocolate can improve several important risk factors for heart disease. One study found that cocoa powder significantly reduced bad cholesterol in men. Not only this, its regular consumption increases cholesterol in the body.

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