World Cup 2023: India will have to win so many matches to reach the semi-finals, know what is the complete equation


world cup 2023 16 matches have been played so far. In which the teams of India and New Zealand have won all their matches and are leading the points table. However, after winning four consecutive matches, the New Zealand team remains at number one with 8 points. Whereas India is at second place with 6 points. If the Indian team continues its winning campaign, then the journey to the semi-finals will be easy for it. So let us know what is the equation to reach the semi-finals.

This is how the Indian team will enter the semi-finals

The Indian team is currently in a good position after winning three consecutive matches. World Cup 2023 is being played under round robin format. In which all the teams have to play 9-9 matches. In any case, whichever team wins 7 matches, it will directly enter the semi-finals. The Indian team has won three matches so far, if India wins four more matches, then it will easily enter the semi-finals.

14 points needed to reach semi-finals

At least 14 points will be required to reach the semi-finals. If a team scores 14 points in the league stage, it will easily qualify for the semi-finals. In case of less points than this, the team will have to depend on the performance of the other team.

Along with India, these teams are contenders for the semi-finals

world cup 2023 The top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals. At present, New Zealand is at the top in the points table with 8 points, while the Indian team is at second place with 6 points. South African team is at third position and Pakistan is at fourth position. South Africa and Pakistan have 4 points each. Looking at the performance so far, the teams of South Africa, New Zealand and Pakistan along with India have presented a strong claim for the semi-finals.

India’s performance has been like this

The performance of the Indian team so far in the World Cup 2023 has been excellent. In the first match, India defeated Australia by 6 wickets. Then Afghanistan was defeated by 8 wickets and then Pakistan was defeated by 7 wickets. India’s net run rate is +1.821.

New Zealand is in the strongest position after winning four consecutive matches

The New Zealand team has won all its four matches and has reached number one in the points table with 8 points. New Zealand had defeated England by 9 wickets in the first match, then defeated Netherlands by 99 runs in the second match. In the third match, New Zealand defeated Bangladesh by 8 wickets, while in the fourth match, it defeated Afghanistan by a record 149 runs. New Zealand’s net run rate is +1.923.

The road ahead in the World Cup is not easy for Australia and England

The road ahead in the World Cup 2023 is full of difficulties for Australia and defending champion team England. Both the teams have been able to win only one match so far. Both have two points each. Whereas on the basis of net run rate, England team is ahead of Australia. England’s net run rate is -0.084, while Australia’s is -0.734. England is at fifth position in the points table. Whereas Australia has reached number 7.

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