World Cup 2023 Points Table: India captured number one in the points table by defeating Pakistan.

world cup 2023 In the 12th match of (World Cup 2023), India defeated Pakistan by 7 wickets. With this victory, India also captured number one in the points table. India has 6 points after three wins in three matches, while the net run rate is +1.821. Before this, India was at third position. India had defeated Australia by 6 wickets in its first match, then won over Afghanistan by 8 wickets in the second match. India now has to play its next match against Bangladesh on 19 October.

New Zealand team is second in the points table

New Zealand’s team World Cup 2023 after India’s resounding victory over Pakistan Of It has reached the second position in the points table, which was earlier at number one. New Zealand also have 6 points after three wins in three matches and a net run rate of +1.604. New Zealand defeated England by 9 wickets in its first match, then defeated Netherlands by 99 runs in the second match and Bangladesh by 8 wickets in the third match.

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After two big wins, South African team is at third position in the points table.

South African team currently world cup Has performed brilliantly. In its first match, it defeated Sri Lanka by 102 runs, while in the second match it defeated Australia by 134 runs. After two wins in two matches, the South African team has reached the third position in the points table on the basis of 4 points and an excellent net run rate of +2.360.

Pakistan is fourth in the points table after losing to India

Pakistan had to bear the brunt of losing to India in the points table. The Pakistani team has slipped to fourth place with 4 points after two wins and one loss in three matches. Pakistan’s net run rate is -0.137.

Afghanistan is at the bottom in the points table

Afghanistan team is at the last position in the points table. Whereas Australia has reached 9th, Netherlands 8th and Sri Lankan team has reached 7th place. All four teams have not won a single match in the World Cup so far. The England team is at fifth position with two points after one win in two matches, while the Bangladesh team is at 6th position after one win in 3 matches.

The journey of World Cup 2023 is not easy for Australia and Sri Lanka

The journey ahead in the World Cup 2023 is not easy for the teams of Australia and Sri Lanka. After Australia lost by 6 wickets to India in the first match, it also suffered a humiliating 134-run defeat to South Africa in the second match. Due to which now the journey ahead has become full of difficulties for him. He will need consecutive wins to move forward. Whereas the Sri Lankan team had lost by 102 runs at the hands of South Africa in the first match and was defeated by Pakistan by 6 wickets in the second match. Sri Lanka will also have to register consecutive wins to remain in the tournament.

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