World Cup 2023: This South African player is a devotee of Bajrambali, ‘Om’ is written on his bat

world cup 2023

The World Cup match being played under the leadership of India has taken a very exciting turn with two major upsets. It has become clear from the matches played so far that you can underestimate any team.

SA vs NED Cricket World Cup 2023

In the match played on 17 October, Netherlands upset South Africa by 38 runs and upset the points table.

keshav maharaj

South African all-rounder Keshav Maharaj played an inning of 40 runs but could not win the match.

keshav maharaj

During the match it was found that Om was written on his bat. Seeing which everyone was surprised.

keshav maharaj

Let us tell you that this is not a new thing. Keshav Maharaj is of Indian origin and also goes to the temple and offers prayers. He has also been seen near the temple in many photographs.

keshav maharaj instagram id

Former South African captain Keshav Maharaj has posted Jai Shri Ram on his Instagram account several times.

keshav maharaj with family

During an interview, Keshav Maharaj’s father Atmanand Maharaj had told that his ancestors were residents of Uttar Pradesh in India. His house was in Sultanpur.

keshav maharaj

Let us tell you that Keshav Maharaj’s father was also a cricketer. He used to do wicketkeeping in domestic cricket. But he did not get a chance to play international cricket. Describing about Keshav, he said that Keshav is a great devotee of Bajrangbali.

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