World Cup 2023: Why does Babar Azam hide the coin during the toss, is he playing any game?


for pakistan cricket team world cup 2023 The first two matches were excellent, but after the crushing defeat against India, the team was exposed. Now questions are being raised about the fitness of the players and the preparation of the team. There is a lot of uproar inside Pakistan regarding this defeat. Former Pakistani players have strongly criticized Babar Sena. Especially Wasim Akram, Shoaib Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq have raised questions on the performance of the Pakistan team. Meanwhile, in a TV show, the audience asked such a question to former Pakistani players, which left everyone shocked.

Why does Babar Azam hide the coin during the toss?

In fact, many veteran players of Pakistan were analyzing the World Cup 2023 on A-spots. In which former cricketers Wasim Akram, Shoaib Malik, Moeen Khan and Misbah Ul Haq were present in the panel. During the discussion, a spectator asked Wasim Akram a question, why does Pakistan team captain Babar Azam hide the coin during the toss. All the players start laughing at this question. On this question, Wasim Akram said, is Babar Azam playing any game? After that Akram said, there is a lot of noise in the stadium, anyway the captain does not peek to see which side of the coin is on top. Akram further said, this does not happen. Wasim Akram’s reaction to what Misbah said on this was quite funny. Misbah said, generally if it is a big coin, then only the part which is on top comes. Hearing such an answer from Misbah, Akram gave a brilliant reaction, due to which all the cricketers present in the studio started laughing.

Wasim Akram said, fitness is the biggest problem of Pakistani players

Former Pakistan player Wasim Akram had earlier said that the biggest problem of the Pakistan team is the fitness of the players. Making a big disclosure, he said, there is no test for the players. He praised Misbah-ul-Haq and said, till the time Misbah was the coach and chief selector of the team, at that time players had to go through the yo-yo test to get entry into the team. But now everything is closed. Expressing disappointment over Pakistan’s defeat against India, he said, if this continues in the Pakistan team, then we will see similar results in the future.

India defeated Pakistan by 7 wickets

India had defeated Pakistan by 7 wickets in the match played in Ahmedabad on Saturday. In that match, India had invited Pakistan to bat first and bundled out Pakistan for only 191 runs. Then while batting, Rohit Sharma’s explosive innings of 86 runs won the match by scoring 192 runs at the loss of three wickets in just 30.3 overs. This was India’s 8th consecutive victory against Pakistan in the World Cup.

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