World Cup: These teams have not lost even once against the opposing team in the ODI World Cup, see pictures



India-Pakistan A total of eight World Cup matches have been played against India so far. Till date, Pakistan has not defeated India even once. India has also defeated Pakistan during the ongoing World Cup 2023 campaign. Pakistan’s dream of defeating India was once again shattered.


Pakistan has Sri Lanka Has not lost even a single match against. A total of eight matches have been played between the two teams so far. But Pakistan has not lost to Sri Lanka even once. In the World Cup 2023 also, in the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match played on October 10, Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka by six wickets with 10 balls to spare.


New Zealand has played a total of six matches against Bangladesh so far. In these six matches, New Zealand has not allowed Bangladesh to stand in front of them. Bangladesh has had to face defeat from New Zealand every time. New Zealand has also defeated Bangladesh in the World Cup 2023. Bangladesh had given a target of 246 runs to New Zealand, chasing which the New Zealand team easily won the match by losing two wickets.

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West Indies has defeated Zimbabwe six times in World Cup matches. Both these teams have not been able to qualify in the World Cup match being played this year.


New Zealand has won World Cup matches against Zimbabwe five times. This time, Zimbabwe is not a part of the World Cup 2023 campaign, due to which New Zealand’s dream of defeating Zimbabwe again remained unfulfilled.


Sri Lanka has also won World Cup matches against Zimbabwe five times.


Pakistan has won World Cup matches against Zimbabwe five times. Pakistan has never lost to two teams Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

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