World Population Day: Declining number of children in Jharkhand, there will be 60 lakh elders in the year 2041


In Jharkhand, the number of children is decreasing and the number of elderly people is increasing. This difference will increase further in the coming days. Because of this, the problems of the government will also increase. They will have to make many changes in their policies. world population day But it is necessary to look at the figures once, how the number of children is decreasing and the number of elderly is increasing. What will be its far-reaching consequences in the days to come.

Workers and elders will increase in Jharkhand

According to a government report, the number of children and adolescents (0-19 years of age) will decline rapidly by the year 2041 as compared to the year 2011. workers and increase in the number of elderly Will be If you look at the figures, you will find that in the year 2011 census, the share of children in Jharkhand’s population was 1.52 crore.

In 2031 the number of children will be 1.28 crores.

It is estimated that the number of children in Jharkhand will decrease to 1.28 crore in the year 2031 and 1.25 crore in the year 2041. Let us tell you that in this census the number of youth and adults (aged 20 to 59 years) was 1.55 crore, which is estimated to increase to 2.41 crore in the year 2031 and 2.62 crore in the year 2041.

Increasing number of people over 60 years

In the Economic Survey of the year 2019, it was told that the number of people above 60 years of age in Jharkhand is increasing continuously. In the year 2011, the age of 24 lakh people in the state was 60 years or more. It is estimated that their number will increase to 60 lakhs in the year 2041.

Jharkhand will have 60 lakh senior citizens by 2041

It was said in this survey that in the year 2041, when the number of elderly people in Jharkhand will increase to 60 lakhs, then the number of children or teenagers growing up here will be 1.25 crores. That is, the number of children will be almost double as compared to the elderly, which was more than 6 times in the year 2011. At that time there were 1.52 crore children and only 24 lakh were elderly.

Number of elderly will be equal in Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand

In the year 2041, there will be 60 lakh elderly people in Jharkhand, but the average of elderly here will be much lower than the national average (15.9 percent of the total population). In Jharkhand then the population of the elderly will be 13.4 percent of the total population. At that time, as many elders will be there in Jharkhand, the same number of elders will be there in a big state like Madhya Pradesh as well.

Plans have to be made focused on the elderly and children

This will be the time when the government will have to make policies focused on both the elderly and children. Preparation for this has to be done from now. In the year 2041, the government will have to improve health services. The facilities of the schools have to be increased. Arrangements will also have to be made for the care of the elderly. Not only this, the challenge of providing means of employment to the people will also be in front of the government.

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