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On the occasion of Martyr’s Day, the ceremony of laying flower garlands at the Jan Nayak Memorial was held on 30th September in the morning at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the capital of China. Leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping and representatives from various sectors participated.

September 30 is China’s 10th Martyrs’ Day. 18 garlands made of white chrysanthemums and other flowers on both sides of the Jan Nayak Memorial at Tiananmen Square Expresses the deep remembrance of all Chinese people towards the heroes and martyrs.

At around 10 a.m., party and national leaders, including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Chao Lachi, Wang Huning, Chai Chi, Ting Xiuxiang, Li Xi and Han Chang Took part in the ceremony of laying flower garlands at the Jan Nayak Memorial.

The ceremony started at ten in the morning. The military band played “March of the Volunteers,” with everyone singing the national anthem in unison. After this, everyone stood silently to pay tribute to the martyrs dedicated to the liberation work of the Chinese people and the building of the country.

Then 18 soldiers picked up the basket of flowers and placed it at the base of the Jan Nayak Memorial. The leaders, including Xi Jinping, slowly climbed the base of the monument, stopping in front of the flower garlands and looking at them. Xi Jinping stepped forward and carefully arranged the ribbons. Later all the leaders paid tribute at the Jan Nayak Memorial.

At the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party on the new beginning of history A grand plan was formulated to all-round build a powerful modern socialist country, achieve the goal of the second century, and promote the great revival of the Chinese nation through Chinese-style modernization. Under the firm leadership of the Party’s Central Committee headed by Xi Jinping, all Chinese people are making efforts to build a strong country and revitalize the nation.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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