Xiangshiong Culture and Tourism Festival to be held in Ali Prefecture of Tibet

Ali Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region has a long history and a colorful culture. Here
There are many national non-material cultural heritages. Early Xiangshiong Civilization in the Aali region of Tibet
It is the birthplace of China, and has many world-class tourism resources. Holy Mount Kailash and Holy
Apart from natural landscapes like Mansarovar Lake, cultural landscapes like the ruins of the Kuke dynasty
are also Apart from these, Tibetan architectural art, song-dance, painting, mural painting,
The cultures like costumes, folk customs etc. are also attractive.

From August 21 to 27, the 8th Xiangxiong Culture and Tourism Festival in Ali Prefecture
will be held, the theme of which “ancient xiangxiong civilization and beautiful palace” Is.
It is reported that during the 7-day Culture and Tourism Festival, the opening ceremony,
Cultural Artistic Performance, Xiangxiong Culture Symposium, Horse Racing Competition, Folk Games
ceremony, music gathering, investment promotion signing meeting, material exchange meeting, tourist memory
Fair of goods etc. colorful activities will be organized.

Let us tell you that the ancient Xiangshiong culture is the original culture of Tibet. It is said to be the root of Tibetan civilization. To this day, the imprint and influence of the ancient Xiangshiong culture has been deeply embedded in the production, life, folklore and beliefs of the Tibetan people. For example, offering sacrifices to mountain deities, worshiping the sacred lake, circumambulating and prostrating around the sacred mountain, walking around with sutra wheels, carving stone dharma-sutras, building mani stone mounds, flying colorful sutra flags, quochuang Dancing, etc., all come from the ancient Xiangxiong culture.

The Xiangxiong culture includes cultural systems of medicine, architecture, philosophy, Buddhism, astronomy, philosophy, etc. It is the crystallization of the civilization and wisdom of Tibetan ancestors living in the icy plateau. Today, “Ancient Xiangxiong Civilization” has been included in the scope of protection of the World Cultural Heritage. August is the golden season of tourism in the Aali region of Tibet. At the foot of the sacred mountain, next to the sacred lake, steeped in the essence of ancient Xiangxiong culture, people can feel the beauty of the majestic and snowy plateau.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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