You also have the habit of watching too much TV, so be careful now, there may be huge losses


Lifestyle is most responsible for weight gain. If you are not active in your lifestyle then you may become obese. A lot of research has been done on increasing weight and methods are also being invented to prevent it, because obesity also increases the risk of many types of diseases. People who watch TV a lot have a higher risk of gaining weight. In a research, it has been revealed that the risk of obesity is twice as high in those who watch TV for 21 hours as compared to those who watch 5 hours a week. Let us give you detailed information about it.

what the research says
Watching too much TV has been said to be harmful for the eyes. But it also increases obesity. A recent research has attributed excessive TV viewing to lethargy and increasing obesity. In a research titled ‘Sedentary Behavior and Obesity’ (sedentary behavior and obesity), the problem of obesity has been described as the result of spending more hours in front of the TV. For this, research done on 42,600 people from 20 to 64 years abroad showed an increase in obesity of men and women watching more TV. According to the research, compared to people watching 5 hours or less TV in a week, there was a double increase in obesity among people who watched TV for 21 hours or more. Also, the level of obesity was found to increase in people who worked for 11 hours or more on average compared to people who worked on computers for an average of 5 hours a week.

other causes of obesity
Nowadays people are not physically active, especially children, who prefer to play computer, mobile and video games instead of playing outside. Because of which they are becoming obese. Not only children, even the office going youth are leading a sedentary lifestyle today, due to which the problem of obesity is increasing.

Due to consumption of fast food and junk food, weight is also increasing. Nowadays people prefer to eat junk food instead of eating delicious homemade dishes and nutritious food, which is one of the main reasons for obesity. Junk food not only increases obesity but also increases the risk of many diseases.

Nowadays people are unable to take out time for exercise due to busy routine, this is also one of the major reasons for obesity. If regular exercise is not done, then the body does not remain energetic and the weight also increases.

Some people adopt habits like dieting to become fit, as a result, they are not able to do dieting properly, which increases their obesity instead of reducing it.

Some people have a habit of eating all the time, even if they have eaten a while back. In such a situation, the habit of eating all the time also causes obesity.

Sometimes, genetics are also hidden in the causes of obesity, that is, if a member of the family or one of the parents is obese, then the child also complains of obesity.

Taking stress also increases weight. Sometimes people take more stress than necessary. Things like stress, depression and anxiety lead to obesity.

Weight can also increase due to medicines and other diseases. Due to some disease, taking medicines for a long time can also cause obesity. Actually the side-effects of medicines are also one of the causes of obesity.

To avoid obesity, it is necessary to follow a healthy routine, along with consuming nutritious food, regular exercise can prevent weight gain.

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