zobox founder neeraj chopra who started old mobile phone business now company turnover 5 thousand crore


New Delhi: The mobile phone market in the country is growing rapidly. Along with new phones, there is now a big market for old i.e. second hand phones in the country. The way new phones are being launched. People are selling old phones. In such a situation, people are now getting good old mobile phones at low rates. Now the business of repairing and selling old smartphones in India is also growing rapidly. Seeing this fast growing market, Delhi resident Neeraj Chopra started a startup Zobox. He started it in the year 2020. This startup repairs old mobiles, makes them reusable and then sends them to various retailers across the country to be sold.

These mobiles are available 40-45% cheaper than new mobiles. Today Neeraj Chopra is the owner of a company worth crores. Neeraj’s business is growing continuously. But his journey was not easy. Neeraj also had to face a lot of difficulties in the beginning. But he did not give up. Let us tell you how Neeraj achieved so much success.

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this is how it started

According to media reports, Neeraj Chopra moved to Hong Kong around the year 2000 at the age of 19 after completing his studies. Neeraj started a business there. He used to send electronics items from Hong Kong to India. Neeraj gained strong experience of this business for about 12 years. Meanwhile, in the year 2012, he suddenly had to return to India. Neeraj had done a lot of work in the mobile segment till now and had an understanding of the Chinese market. After this Neeraj started the business of refurbishing old mobiles.

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faced with difficulties

Right now Neeraj was thinking of launching the brand when Corona knocked and the lockdown took place. In December 2020, Neeraj to Zobox Retails Pvt. Ltd. Registered a company by the name After this he did not look back. Neeraj’s business started growing rapidly. There was a time when they could sell only 100 mobiles every day. But in today’s time they sell about 20 thousand to 25 thousand mobiles daily. He set up a refurbishment unit to repair old mobiles in Karol Bagh, Delhi. Neeraj’s company buys old mobiles from e-commerce companies and gives them a new look by refurbishing them. After this, these mobiles are sold with the help of onboard vendors.

turnover is in crores

According to media reports, in today’s time the turnover of Neeraj’s company is around Rs 50 crore. He is expanding his business more rapidly. The way now new phones of companies are being launched daily in the market. People are also selling their old phones to get a new phone. Along with this, the market of old mobile phones is also increasing rapidly.

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