Zomato delivery boy’s wife walking with him with a bicycle in such a way that people are praising, see viral video


zomato delivery boy viral video: Step-by-step video of Zomato delivery boy and his wife is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The Zamato delivery boy is holding the child in his arms, while his wife is seen walking along with him on a bicycle. The person is wearing a T-shirt of Zomato, while a Zomato bag is also visible on the bicycle. till now this viral video 699.5K Views have been received. This viral video has been shared on Twitter with the handle named @shayari_in_. In whose caption it is written – This is a ‘woman’ sir! If you come to fulfill, then spend the whole life with the ‘drunk husband’ lying in the drain, otherwise, if you come to leave, then leave ‘Bill Gates’.

Difficult times also become easy if life partner is with you.

It is said that husband and wife are two such wheels of the cart of life, if they walk together then the balance remains. If anyone goes back and forth, the balance gets disturbed. Happiness and sorrow, struggle keep coming and going in life. In these circumstances, if there is true company of the life partner, even difficult situations seem easy. Courage comes to fight and overcome adverse situations. Even difficult times are spent laughing. It can be seen in the video how Zomato Boy and his wife are walking step by step. Seeing this video of Zomato delivery boy going viral on social media, people are praising both of them a lot.

Users are commenting

This video has received 699.5K views till the time of writing this news. Retweeted by more than a thousand people while thousands of likes have been received. Many users have commented on the video in which one user has written “Perfect Family” Another user has commented “Women are very difficult to understand…”

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