Zuckerberg threatened for 15 years, Musk’s mistakes gave an opportunity, how big a blow are threads for Twitter? – elom musk vs mark mark zuckerberg: how big a blow are threads for twitter?


New Delhi ,Venkat Ananth ) The fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, two big personalities of the digital world, is increasing. Elon Musk owns Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta company launched its app Threads last Wednesday. The allegation is that Threads is an imitation of Twitter. Let’s take a look back at this interesting battle. British-American journalist and author Nick Bilton writes that just after Jack Dorsey was ousted as CEO of Twitter in October 2008, its co-founders Bizz Stone and Eve Williams took over as CEO of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg met. This was no ordinary meeting with a fast-rising rival. On its agenda was the acquisition of Twitter, which had been in talks between Zuckerberg and Dorsey for the past several months.

Twitter could not be sold to Facebook for $500 million, but according to Bilton, Zuckerberg had threatened to create a similar product. It seems that during this time the idea remained in Zuckerberg’s mind and 15 years later on July 5, 2023, his Meta company launched its app Threads when Twitter is faltering. Within hours of launch, Threads broke all records. It became the fastest growing app ever.

On the experience front, Musk made a mistake. At the beginning of the month, Twitter set the limit for reading Twitter posts. It was said that verified users will now be able to read only 10,000 posts in a day. While this number was increased to 1000 for unverified users. Apart from this, the limit was even lower for unverified new users, only 500 posts in a day. Whatever the reason given for imposing the limit, it was clearly a self-goal. That too in a situation when Musk was desperate to increase his paying base and wanted to increase their numbers further while keeping his advertisers satisfied. This was the reason he hired longtime NBC executive Linda Yacarino as his CEO. In these 10 months of Musk in Twitter, a different kind of upheaval was also seen on social media. It can also be called decentralized social media movement.

Due to the subscription of Twitter’s blue checkmark, users started looking for alternatives.

Mastodon was also becoming a destination for those who left Twitter in protest.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey introduced his own Twitter alternative called Blue Sky.

Dorsey-backed BlueSky has also emerged as an alternative.

However, none of these was able to develop as a complete substitute. Zuckerberg has thought of doing the same thing through threads. Giving users who are leaving Twitter a place, giving them a sense of power. This is relatively easy to do through the Instagram network. But the challenges are also not less. In view of the record of Meta and Facebook itself, and the allegations against them of harming democracy, it is interesting to see their attempt to play the role of protector of freedom of expression. The same can be said for this new initiative of Thedes that copying Twitter will not be the right strategy for it. However, Zuckerberg’s company is well aware that it has to build a social network with which it has a lot of experience. However, for now it is certain that the social media, which was considered to be dying at one time, has once again come to the fore in a vibrant form.

(The author is a Bangalore-based technology writer and co-founder of The Signal)

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